Can four heads really fit in a messenger bag?

Yes. See photo

Does Beau have superpowers?

No. Why would you ask that question?

He has an alliterative name.


So, people with alliterative names generally have superpowers.

Not necessarily. What about all the superheroes whose alter egos don’t have alliterative names? Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, etc.

Neither of those superheros actually have superpowers. They’re just rich guys with cool stuff.

Okay, well, there’s . . . Charles Xavier, though I guess his name's kind of alliterative. Whatever, I'm still counting it,  and um . . . Barry Allen. See? Plenty.

So ‘plenty’ now means two?

I’m sure there’s a lot more. I just don’t have a list of superhero alter-ego names in front of me at the moment.

You don’t? That’s disappointing. Have you heard of the internet?

Why does your book have so much profanity in it?

Well, partly because the protagonist is an 18-year-old high school dropout, but mostly because I have a juvenile sense of humor.

Haven’t you ever heard the expression: If you can’t be interesting without swearing, maybe you’re just not that interesting?

I have. It’s dumb. Think about all the movies you’ve watched that had swearing in them. Can you think of a single one that was better when it was on TV with all the profanity dubbed out?

What about Once Upon a Deadpool?

I knew you were going to throw that in my face.

What happens next?

What do you mean?

I mean, after the book ends. What happens next? Does Beau confront his uncle or reconcile with his parents? Does he take Nessa to the dance? Hook up with Stacia? What?

Dude, spoiler alert! And what, did you want me to write an epilogue or something where I tie up all the loose ends?


Oh, I guess I could have done that. But then, what would I put in the sequel?

Are you writing a sequel?

Sure . . . kind of.

Which one is it, sure or kind of?

I mean, I'm writing it. It’s just not finished yet.

What chapter are you on?

Chapter Eight, so suck it.

Doesn’t seem like much.

It’s like thirty-thousand words. That’s a lot.

Talk to me when it’s done.