Why blog about writing in the first place?

Some of you might be thinking, why is a guy like me blogging about writing when I’ve only written one book?

Legit question. This isn’t about me pretending I have some massive amount of book writing experience I’m going to bestow upon the masses from the inside of my bullet-proof pope-mobile. This is about paying it forward. There are several authors whose blogs I learned a lot from. My favorites are Chuck Wendig, Drew Hayes, and Robert Bevan (who doesn’t blog anymore, but there’s a wealth of archived posts on his website.)

And their blogs all have one thing in common. When they talk about writing, they’re very up front with saying, “This worked for me, it may or may not work for you.”

So that’s what I’m doing. Writing down what’s worked for me. Writing a novel is tough, and for me, sometimes it was more helpful to hear advice from someone who wasn’t a household name, someone I could pretend was more or less a lot like me but maybe with some different beer preferences.

Or the same beer preferences, who knows?

Like I said, this isn’t about me pretending to be an expert, I'm just writing down some thoughts in the hope that someone will stumble across them while they’re writing their own novel and find them helpful.

Or at least give them a laugh.

So on the first Friday of every month I’m going to post a new blog that will, for the most part, be at least tangentially related to writing.

Why the first Friday of every month?

Because if I don’t publicly declare when I’m going to post, I’ll make excuses and it won’t get done.

Then why not more often than once a month?

I'm a pretty slow learner. I doubt I'll learn more than one thing about writing a month.